GURDJIEFF - 2017 (A Woman's Prayer - pre-release track)  
Gurdjieff Album Press Release

It was there that I first met Gurdjieff in the Winter of 1987, on the stairway to my Rem Rampart apartment and no situation could have been more appropriate. To Gurdjieff, East and West do not just meet. Their difference is annihilated in a world outlook which knows no distinctions of race or creed. This was my first, and has remained one of my strongest impressions. A Greek from the Caucasus, he spoke Turkish with an accent of unexpected purity, the accent that one associates with those born and bred in the narrow circle of the Royal Court. His appearance was striking enough even in Budapest, where one saw many unusual types. His head was shaven, immense black moustache, eyes which at one moment seemed very pale and at another almost black. Below average height, he gave nevertheless an impression of great physical strength and beauty.

While travelling and living in Eastern Europe during the late 80s I experienced Gurdjieff's music for the first time. I stood in front of an austere set of closed doors and listened to a young pianist play Gurdjieff's Hymns. This momentary envelope of time has remained with me and now forms the basis for an imaginary construct where Gurdjieff was the young pianist I heard in front of those closed doors many years ago. Gurdjieff is to be released in 2017 on the Bauer label.

Pre-release Track
A Woman's Prayer