SCIVIAS - 2017 (The Light Giver - pre-release track)  
Scivias Album Press Release

Press Release

Scivias represents the 6th studio album to be released by the British artist Bernard Oglesby in 2015 on the Bauer Editions label. It is Perhaps Oglesby’s most challenging and ambitious work to date as it places Hildegard von Bingen’s illustrated works at it centre. These works contains the 26 visions of Hildegard of Bingen, who was the first of the great German mystics, as well as a poet, a prophet, a physician and a political moralist.

The Scivias score in 3 principal movements, which are each subdivided in to 3 further movements, explore the trinity and Oglesby’s obsession with the three fold circular symbol. This Triangulation of father, son and holy ghost are conceptualised as the sun, its rays and a cosmic space in which divine activity unfolds. From the beginning of the Scivias works to its final movement (The death of Hildegard) we are taken on a journey about light, love and the redemption of the self. The album will be released in 2017 on the Ontak label as a worldwide digital download and limited edition CD.

Pre-release track:
THe Light Giver: The Ontak String Quartet.