TORAH - 2012 (The Flickering Eddy)  
Torah Album Tracks

The Flickering Eddy

Piano: Anton Heart (4.28).

Star Gazing
Piano: Anton Heart (5.25).

The Toll Path
Piano: Anton Heart (5.33).

Atoms of Amber
Piano: Anton Heart (7.05).

Piano: Anton Heart (13.32).

The 2nd Coming
Piano: Anton Heart (4.43)

Sleeve Notes

Torah marks the debut solo piano works composed by the British artist Bernard Oglesby. The works pay direct homage to Erik Satie's The Gymnopédies which he states remains one of the most haunting and compellingly beautiful works of art he has ever experienced. Like Satie he placed great emphasis on Contamine de Latourr's poem Les Antiques ("The Ancients").

Slanting and shadow-cutting a flickering eddy
Trickled in gusts of gold on the shiny flagstone
Where the atoms of amber in the fire mirroring
themselves Mingled their sarabande with the