JANNAH - 2013 (The Fall of Adam)  
Jannah Album Tracks

Ontak Quartet, Organ: Marracha Ward (8.18)

Into The Garden
Ontak Quartet, Organ: Marracha Ward (7.26)

The Birth Cord
Ontak Quartet, Piano: Anton Heart (7.18)

The Dark Pope
Piano: Anton Heart, Ontak Quartet, Organ: Marracha Ward (7.30)

He will Dwell
Ontak Quartet, Moog Opus-3: Bernard Oglesby (7.50)

The Fall of Adam
Ontak Quartet, Organ: Marracha Ward, Moog Opus-3: Bernard Oglesby (8.16)

Sleeve Notes

Jannah marks the 4th studio album composed by the British artist Bernard Oglesby to be released on the Ontak Label. The work in 6 movements explores the concept of original sin and the concupiscence orientation of humankind to desire human physical intimacy. The works represents a profound sea change in Oglesby's production methods as the piece was composed entirely using an iPhone and recorded using a bank of iPads on location in Germany and Romania. The album features the Ontak String Quartet: Mihai Neculai, Ayar Ontak, Adriana Abel, Catalina Cezar, Piano: Anton Heart and Organ: Marracha Ward.